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Guys Guide to Strip Club Etiquette: Tips to Ensure a Good Time

Every man should visit a strip club at least once in his life. It’s truly the best way to spend any night, especially a fun-filled weekend.  For the true man, regular visits aren’t unheard of. Visiting the strip club allows him to unleash his wild side and let go of his fears and inhibitions. But, before you head out for that unforgettable night of adult fun, there are a few important things to know. The information below is among the important details that everyone who’s heading out to the strip club should know ahead of time.

No Touching

Sometimes it’s hard to resist reaching out for the gorgeous ladies as they dance and while that probably won’t get you tossed out of the place, don’t get too touchy-feely with the dancers. Don’t grab breasts or butts and don’t go in for a hug or a kiss. Unless, of course, you’ve paid for extras with the lady and then, only do what you’re allowed.

Tipping is Expected

full nude strip clubfew cold ones

When you visit the full nude strip club it is expected that you tip the strippers. Their job is to entertain you for cash, after all. There is a tipping etiquette even for the strip club, guys. Generally speaking, you want to give the ladies a tip for each song, even if you are not on the front of the stage. It is a small price to pay to ‘fit in’ and enjoy the show the ladies put on for you.

Alcohol, Alcohol & More Alcohol

Many people want to throw back a few cold ones as they enjoy adult entertainment, but for people who prefer alcohol-free establishments, those are available. Some establishments offer a BYOB ordeal. Learn the alcohol policy ahead of time to ensure that your wishes are met. And, for goodness sake, know your limits! You don’t want to make a fool of yourself at the strip club in front of the ladies, your friends, or anyone else for that matter.

Bring Your Respect to the Club

It is important that you are respectful to all of the ladies who put on a show for you at the club. Women deserve to be expected, even when they’re putting on a little adult entertainment. Don’t touch yourself, don’t touch the ladies, do not make inappropriate comments- you know how to be the man that your mother raised you to be. Make sure that you are a gentleman from the start of the show until the very end and you’ll be more than welcome back again -and have a much better and happier evening.

The Last Word

Strip clubs provide every man with the phenomenal time that he is looking for. When you keep the above information in mind when you visit the strip club, expect a night that you remember forever. These tips secure a great time for every man that heads out to the strip club. Are you ready for a good time?