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5 Common Bachelorette Party Myths

A bachelorette party is held by a woman who is tying the knot. The party is a celebration of the upcoming marriage and those last few days of being single. A great bachelorette party includes lots of good friends, food, and fun. However, many myths are out there and some of them can stop you from making the best decisions when planning a bachelorette party. Look below to learn some of the most common myths and ensure that these misconceptions do not stop you from making the best party decisions.

planning a bachelorette partybridesmaids

Myth 1: Women Don’t Have Parties

It is a common misconception that only men enjoy that last night out as a single person and hold get-togethers for their friends. Many women throw bachelorette parties just like tons of guys throw their own special celebrations through bachelor parties. Do not feel odd or out of place or wrongly assume that you are acting accordingly. There is no truth to this matter. In fact, it is becoming more common for women to toss bachelorette parties than ever before. Do not miss out on the fun night that is meant for you to enjoy.

Myth 2: Parties are Expensive

The average bachelorette party costs about $800, but many factors influence the costs. It is easy to spend much less than this amount or considerably more. Factors that determine the prices include the number of guests at the party, the location, and more. Be sure to compare the costs before you make any major decisions for the party. Research can considerably help you save money and keep the costs of the party to a price that is affordable to the budget.

Myth 3: You Must Go to the Club

Many ladies who hold bachelorette parties choose to go to the strip club or to the nightclub to enjoy their celebrations. They enjoy the scenery, the cold drinks, and the ambiance, however, it isn’t right for every bachelorette and there is no written rule that your party must take place at a club of any type. In fact, you can host a party most anywhere of your choosing with an agenda to match.

Myth 4: Only Bridesmaids Can Come to the Party

It is also a misconception that only the bridesmaids can attend the bachelorette party, so do not limit your guest list for this event. You are in total control of the party, including the guest list, and can invite anyone to the fun that you choose, whether or not they’re participating in the wedding ceremony or not.

Myth 5: The Party Should be a Surprise

This is not meant to be a surprise party, but by all means if you want to surprise the bachelorette with the events, that is your right to do so. However, do not feel inclined to keep the news secretive if you do not choose. In fat, she’ll probably appreciate knowing that there is a party going on so she can properly prepare for the evening’s fun.